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  Eva-Maria Wobst
Prof. Oberdorf Siedlung 1
06406 Bernburg OT Strenzfeld

Phone: + 49 3471 - 35 00 50

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Beautiful kittens in mink and sepia born on May 2nd, 2021. ACCESSIBLE!

  • Kitten von Mink und Sepia
  • Kitten von Mink und Sepia
  • Kitten von Mink und Sepia
  • Kitten von Mink und Sepia
  • Kitten von Mink und Sepia
  • Kitten von Mink und Sepia

Kitten: general information

Our Bengal breeding is a hobby. We operate with much love and serious.
We have the goal, to breed beautiful, cuddly, loving but most of all healthy leopard look Kitten.
To achieve this goal, we take us very much time for the Kitten.

Our kittens grow up in our family cared for lovingly.
They are accustomed to everyday noises (vacuum cleaner etc.), because our cats, whether large or small, are family members.

At the age of 14 weeks, our kittens are ready to go into their new home. They are dewormed several times and vaccinated against cat flu and Viral Disease. Upon request, for an extra charge, the kittens are microchipped and vaccinated even against rabies and/or leukemia.
  Upon moving out our kittens have they a family tree, a vaccination pass, a current veterinary health certificate and a small starting package.

If you have interested in a kitten, then you can contact us at any time by e-mail or phone us.

You are also welcome at any time, to see of our very good breeding conditions and above all our beautiful mini leopard cats witht they quite amazing character.

Phone: +49 3471-35 00 50

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