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  Eva-Maria Wobst
Prof. Oberdorf Siedlung 1
06406 Bernburg OT Strenzfeld

Phone: + 49 3471 - 35 00 50

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Since 2004 we live in our house in Strenzfeld a district of Bernburg (Saxony-Anhalt). These we have redeveloped with a lot of efforts and for the most part with the help of our son in own contribution.

Already twenty years ago we bred already successfully Persian. During this time we lived in a flat on 64 square metres.
We did not want to deliver the animals, who could not take part because of her age or for health reasons any more in the breeding program. Unfortunately, from shortage of space we had to give up the breeding.

A fifteen year-old Persian's lady lives even today with us. Unfortunately, we had to say to two our Persian's grandma’s last year goodbye.
They passed away at the age of seventeen and fifteen years.
  For us was certain, a house without cats, this does not go at all, and thus we looked around. Wildcats of every kind always fascinated us. Therefore, was certain for us that these become Bengal cats. It should be something special. Quick the wish was woken up to the breeding again. Unfortunately, it was not possible in Germany, stock animals those of our image corresponded to agree. Either the waiting list was very long, or the breeders did not sell for the breeding.

In Canada and the United States, we are then found it. Since 2009 we have now successfully breed Bengal, in the colors brown, silver,snow und charcoal.

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